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  1. Jewish Law and Thought
  2. Public Policy Studies
  3. Dialogue

1. Jewish Law and Thought Department

This department aims at clarifying, through uncompromising and systematic study and research, the fundamental principles of Jewish Law and Thought (Halacha) regarding complex issues that arise in the context of modern society and Jewry's interaction with it. It facilitates interaction of Jewish scholars with relevant experts in a variety of fields to address jointly the profoundly challenging issues of our times. A dynamic and critical effort is performed to provide possible solutions to issues in the areas of medicine, welfare, education, business, industry, economics, politics, law, defense and security etc. Presently the department handles the following topics:

  • Organ transplants and life extension;
  • The relationship between international law and Jewish Law;
  • Solutions to clashes between archeological research and Jewish burial practices.

2. Public Policy Studies Department

This department is preparing a comprehensive review and strategic study of the religious Jewish community's general policies regarding a broad range of issues in the spheres of education, society, economics, welfare and religion-state relationships.

This review is performed with a clear commitment to the traditional Jewish value system - the Torah.

A pivotal component of this department's work is the proposed Torah Community Public Policy Reassessment Research Project.

3. Dialogue Department

This Department engages sincere and influential thinkers from all segments of population in serious dialogue regarding strategic issues. Such dialogue is necessary to seek a new modus vivendi, particularly in Israel, wherein respectable public debate on issues of national concern urgently needs to be cultivated. Such dialogue can foster genuine cooperation in areas of vital common concern, both spiritual and corporeal, and the mutual understanding thus created can promote peaceful coexistence.

The Department's activities include:

  • Ongoing discussions with senior thinkers from all segments of society in the Yachad Council and its sub-committees, affiliated with the State of Israel President's Residence; council members include, among others, the noted Rabbi David Yosef, Prof. Ruth Gavison, Prof. Yedidia Stern and Prof. Avishai Braverman;
  • Dialogue with the Israel Institute for Democracy on the feasibility and possible formulation of an Israeli Constitution by Consensus;
  • The Dialogue Between Worlds project, in cooperation with the Van Leer Institute, which holds regular discussions on crucial issues facing Jewry today;
  • Ongoing conferences of the forum Toward a National Consensus.

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