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Halachic Research

  • Solidarity Between All Jews as Halachic Precept
  • Organ Transplants and Life-Prolonging Procedures – Fundamental Principles vis-à-vis Contemporary Dilemmas
  • Conversion Policy in Present Circumstances
  • The Status of International Law in Halacha

Public-Policy Research

  • A Comprehensive Reassessment of the Torah Community’s Policies towards Israel and the Wider Jewish World
  • The Formulation of an Israeli Constitution – How to Achieve a Consensus
  • Torah-True Responses to the Worldwide Assimilation Crisis
  • Principles and Strategies for the Economic Rehabilitation of the Torah Community in Israel
  • A Torah Perspective on State Welfare in Israel
  • Torah Education in Present Circumstances: What Needs to be Improved?
  • The Torah Position Regarding a “Compulsory Core Curriculum” in Israel’s Schools
  • Possible Benefits of a Radical Decentralization of the Israeli Educational System
  • Fundamental Solutions to the Dangers of the Internet
  • The Feasibility of Partial Judicial and Legislative Autonomy for Each of the Two Jewish Communities in Israel: The Torah Community and the Pluralistic Community
  • Torah Guidelines for Dialogue Between Religious and Nonreligious Jews in Israel and the Jewish World
  • Principles and Strategies for Religious Peacemaking in the Middle East

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